Kadogo helps workplaces launch employee-driven social impact plans through charitable giving

Kadogo’s platform harnesses the power of automatic rules-based giving to ease employee participation. By streamlining contributions while simplifying reporting and reducing administration in one simple platform. Kadogo accelerates your organization’s ESG efforts.
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Let Employees Create Their Community Giving Plan


Kadogo Giving Accounts are donor-advised funds (DAFs), which function like a professional’s personal foundation. DAFs allow professionals to give into a tax-deductible account, and recommend gifts to eligible charities at any time.

With Kadogo, you have the opportunity to register and select your favorite nonprofits from our list of over 1 million charities spread around the world.

KADOGO Double Up: Setup your employee matching program in minutes. Encourage employees to be good stewards of their community by giving back with a rules based budget.

Direct Gifts: Make direct gifts to any eligible charity with our grant making tools without the corporate overhead.

Compliance: Remove the extra complex financial and compliance decision for internal teams by using our managed platform.

Measure Impact: Increase engagement and retention by aligning mission and values of your employees.

Launch Kadogo In Minutes, Not Months!


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Create and Launch Giving Program

Create your impact rules for employee matching, matching rates, and eligibility rules. 

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Invite Your Donors/ Employees

Launch your new giving and matching campaign in minutes. 
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Reward, Match, Track 

Kadogo enables everyone to give through sparechange, cashback rewards, and asset giving and matches are sent to charities.