Grow Your Donor Base With Kadogo

Empower your donors with cashback rewards and the ability to round up spare change from everyday transactions.

Collect Cash, Rewards, Stocks, and Assets

Kadogo gives your donors an easy way to donate their cashback rewards, spare change from everyday transactions, as well as assets to your organization.

Automate Donations

Donors can set up custom automated donations to make giving easier. All donations are automatically transferred to an account of your choice.

Receive Donor Data

Receive anonymized and aggregated donor insights to tailor your campaigns for maximum reach and effectiveness.

Work With Retailers and Corporations

Choose from any of our 3 donation types to automate your giving and make supporting your cause effortless.

Manage All Your Donations On One Simple Platform

Kadogo’s all-in-one software takes care of all the heavy lifting for you. Sit back, relax, and change the world.

Partner With Retailers To Create Custom Offers

Connect with Kadogo’s network of merchants to create unique reward offers that match the spending habits of your donor base. Our platform empowers your donors with extra funds to donate without requiring any change in their routine purchases.

Let Your Donors Round Up Spare Change

Kadogo allows donors to link their bank accounts to automatically round up spare change for use on the Kadogo platform. Allotting funds for donations just got easier.

Receive Cashback Rewards From Everyday Transactions

Our network of merchants offer special deals to Kadogo customers that provide them with cashback on purchases that can be automatically donated to your organization.

Give some. Gain more.

How We Help You

Maximize Your Donations With Kadogo

Kadogo gives your supporters an easy way to donate the cashback rewards and sparechange from their everyday transactions along with assets to your organization.

Save Time

Donors can donate their cashback rewards, sparechange, crypto, stocks, and or assets to your organization.

All Your Data In One Place

Receive donor insights, anonymized and aggregated data to create brand specific donor campaigns for matching funds.

Automatic Deposits

We will send automatic deposits of gifts from donors sent to the IRS mailing address for your organization.

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