Kadogo helps nonprofits collect more charitable donations through everyday purchases at local retailers, brands, businesses, and banks

Kadogo is here to assist you in obtaining more donors by complementing your existing marketing plan through Cashback Rewards and/or sparechange donations. All of this is achieved with no new hardware, no coupons, or gift cards. You get your time back to impact more!
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Collect Cash, Rewards, Stock, and Assets


Kadogo gives your supporters an easy way to donate their cashback rewards and sparechange everyday transactions along with assets to your organization.  



Unlock Asset Giving: Setup your employee matching program in minutes. Encourage employees to be good stewards of their community by giving back with a rules based budget.

Receive Donor Data: Work with local and nation wide charitable causes to help them reach their goals while impacting your bottom line

Automatic Money: Increase your brand awareness and impact by helping your customers meet their social impact goals

Work With Brands, Retailers, and Banks: Increase engagement and retention by aligning mission and values of your shoppers.

GET YOUR TIME BACK: Save time by allowing nonprofits an easy way to request to work with your organization. Kadogo will help your create unique rewards for each organization that work for everyone.

Launch Your Kadogo Campaign In Minutes, Not Days!


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Create Reward Offers

Create offers that attract customers. Increase your average customer purchase, get repeat purchases, and create customer loyalty.  

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Fund Your Rewards 

Fund your rewards program with your budget from your credit card or bank account. Setup your account for automatic rewards with monthly cap.  
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Publish and Get Discovered

Kadogo helps you to design, launch, and market your rewards to consumers and organizations to increase your foot traffic. 

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Reward, Track, Impact 

Kadogo Rewards platform puts the data in your hands so you can create rewards campaigns that create impact. 

See how much you can make as a Kadogo Nonprofit

Potential $ Earned each month: