Generate Profitable Transactions With Kadogo

Connect with socially conscious customers to drive sales and build brand affinity.

Kadogo Makes Attracting New Customers Easy

Kadogo helps you reach new customers with rewards and donation matching to your customers favorite causes and charities.

Drive Engagement

Work with local and nationwide charitable causes to help them reach their goals while positively impacting your sales.

Grow Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness and impact by helping your customers meet their social impact goals.

Reach New Customers

Incentivize current and potential customers to shop at your business by empowering them with an easy way to give back to their community.

Create A Custom Rewards Offer

Create offers that attract customers. Increase your average customer purchase, get repeat purchases, and incentivize customer loyalty.

Fund Your Rewards

Fund your rewards program with a personalized budget from your credit card or bank account. Set up your account for automated rewards with a monthly cap of your choosing.

Publish And Get Discovered

Kadogo helps you to design, launch, and market your rewards to consumers and organizations to increase your foot traffic.

Analyze Data To Maximize Profits

Kadogos unique platform puts the data in your hands so you can create reward campaigns that create a lasting and powerful impact.

Launch Kadogo In Minutes, Not Months!

Acquire New Customers Through Targeted Transactions

Kadogo Cashback Rewards deliver cashback offers that are designed to drive traffic through socially conscious consumers using card-linked technology.

Acquire New Customers

Create highly discoverable offers through our easy to use platform.

Increase Average Purchase

Socially conscious consumers are willing to spend 70 percent more per transaction to support their favorite nonprofit .

Create Brand Loyalty

Reach new customers while retaining existing customers through unique card-link rewards while also building your brand reinforcement

Remove The Complexity

Save time by allowing nonprofits an easy way to request to work with your organization. Kadogo will help you create unique rewards for each organization that benefit everyone.

Give some. Gain more.

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