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Job Title:

ReactJs Developer

Job Type:

Contract – Freelance




  • Familiarity with JavaScript
  • Strong knowledge of HTML and CS
  • In-depth knowledge of React.js and its fundamentals
  • Hands-on experience with React Native
  • Knowledge of UI/UX designs and wireframes
  • Hands-on experience with React tools like Redux
  • Familiarity with REST APIs
  • Understanding of modern ECMAScript
  • Familiarity with Tailwind
  • Familiarity with Xcode and Android Studio


  • Designing, developing, and testing UI for web applications
  • Working in a cross-discipline agile start-up environment with other developers to suggest and critique ideas, and prototype early concepts.
  • Using GIT for version controlling and managing codebases with multiple developers
  • Understanding the nuances of, and have experience building functional cross-browser JavaScript and responsive layouts.
  • Collaborating in a team to develop large front-end web applications that perform well on all devices using modern languages, libraries, and frameworks.
  • Effectively debugging, understanding, and resolving issues within your code.
  • Proving that you care about the performance of your code and finished product
  • Collaborating with other developers and contribute to building shared standards, tools, and approaches.
  • Accurately translate user and business needs into functional code
  • Transform wireframes and prototypes into fully functional, mobile-first, responsive, scalable, flexible, accessible, and interactive components.
  • Review and evaluate the application of software tools from accessibility and usability perspectives and provide technical guidance to lead technical innovation and initiatives
  • Prototype and design user interface and user experience (UI/UX) designs.