For Merchants

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum cashback amount I need to provide?

Typical cashback ranges from 3-10% of the transaction value. We recommend configuring an offer’s minimum spend such that it’s reward is no less than $.50 cashback.

What happens to my monthly unused budgets?

Kadogo offers are fully performance-based. If there is any unused budget amount it is fully refundable (not charged).

Do I have to pay the cashback and marketing fees for each and every purchase?

No. Unlike many other cashback programs, Kadogo provides you with full control over when cashback is rewarded to the consumer. Allowing you to design offers that drive the business benefits you are looking for. Setting a minimum purchase amount and limiting the offer to a specific number of redemptions is one way we improve on other cashback programs available.

Can I set a monthly budget?

Yes and budget can be set 2 ways:

a) By dollar amount spent. Set total spend for the month, the offer turns off when budget reached.

b) By number of offer redemptions. Set total number of redemptions allowed. This is normally for %-based offers where you prefer a minimum audience vs minimum total spend.

Are there any additional fees I need to be aware of with Kadogo Rewards?

Kadogo’s fees for merchants are fully transparent and performance based.

a) The Cashback given to the consumer as their reward.

b) The Marketing Fee paid to Kadogo.  This is the equivalent of a commission.

Both of these fees are only charged when the consumer meets the minimum purchase requirements of your offer. Kadogo does not charge any other fees for impressions, clicks, distribution, or reporting as other platforms do.

Is there a minimum cashback amount I need to provide?

 While Kadogo uses a transaction’s authorization data to calculate the cashback, there is a secondary check against settlement data for returns that occur over the next 30 days, and that are not paid back to the user as in-store credit (i.e. it has to be a cash refund). Cashback applied to a user’s account is recovered from amounts on their next reward earnings (regardless of merchant) by Kadogo.

Can Kadogo integrate into my existing app or platform?

Yes. Kadogo is designed to work within your existing customer experience. Through an Open API and SDK framework, Kadogo delivers all of our capabilities to your customers from behind the scenes.