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Want to Accept Crypto Donations? We’ve Got The Solution

Written by Tim Cenac

September 9, 2021

digital currency bitcoin example

Donors Want to Give Digital Currency 

In 2021, digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency, reached a more than $2 trillion market cap. This means that there are many potential donors who could support your organization if cryptocurrencies were accepted. Nonprofits that exploit this new payment method stand to acquire a great deal. 

Substantial effort is required to stay aware of alternative donation methods. With digital currency prices being so unstable, many nonprofits are hesitant to accept the technology and feel left behind. Although there are legitimate concerns regarding digital currencies, there is no reason for nonprofits to avoid receiving them.

What is Digital Currency? 

Digital currency is essentially computerized cash. The fundamental distinction from fiat currencies, for example the US dollar, is that there is no centralized government controlling supply. All cryptocurrency transactions are recorded in a public record called a blockchain. The blockchain is overseen by “miners” who perform complex equations to verify each transaction. At no point in this process are banks or centralized organizations required to participate.

What are the Most Common Digital Currencies

There are a large number of digital currencies available in the market. The most mainstream currencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are valued at thousands of US dollars per “coin”. The worth of a coin is controlled by participants in the market who use exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini.

Cryptocurrency as a gift
Photo by Quantitatives.io via Unsplash

Why Would Donors Want to Give Digital Currency? 

For individuals who own cryptocurrencies, donating them can be an attractive method to support the charities they care about. Donating cryptocurrency is a nontaxable occasion. The IRS right now treats crypto gifts also to stock in that givers won’t perceive capital additions on the gift and might have the option to deduct the honest assessment of their gave crypto on their expenses, leaving them ready to make gifts a lot bigger than they would have something else. 

Why Don’t Most Nonprofits Accept Digital Currency Donations? 

There are specialized boundaries, for example, how to acknowledge the gifts safely, issue receipts, and trade crypto for cash. While stages exist to help facilitate these value-based weights, there are likewise functional contemplations to make as a philanthropic. 

Particularly for more modest associations, it very well may be hard to explore the switching rules up tolerating cryptographic money gifts. Guidelines are as yet in transition and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) presently can’t seem to give clear bookkeeping rules. There’s likewise extra IRS administrative work that not-for-profits need to document while tolerating crypto gifts. 

Image by Kadogo

How to Move Forward

Due to these obstacles, tech-forward associations have often avoided the option to accept crypto gifts. Yet, presently, there are possibilities for associations who need to put their toes in without facing every one of the dangers. Sign up for Kadogo on our nonprofit page to start increasing your donations from tech-savvy donors.

Kadogo helps turn everyday purchases into charitable donations and makes it simple for anyone to donate their spare change, cashback rewards, stocks, assets, and more to nonprofits through our Card Linking As a Service (CLaaS) platform. Individuals simply set up their Kadogo giving accounts to begin making tax-deductible donations whenever and wherever they want. Kadogo’s easy-to-use digital fundraiser then generates donations everywhere nonprofit supporters shop.

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