About Kadogo

Kadogo is a social venture on a mission to allow everyone to be change-makers by leveraging technology to assist nonprofits in connecting to individuals, merchants, and corporations.

The Founding Squad

.Quest has over 18 years in the nonprofit industry and has worked for foundations, large & small nonprofits, and manages his own nonprofit, Block Knowledge. Over the years, Quest managed to create tens of millions of dollars for economic impact through startups, but he had no operating budget to scale the mission.

Alejandro and Quest have over 30 years of software engineering and cybersecurity between them which enabled them to create Kadogo. Quest and Alejandro decided to start Kadogo to assist nonprofits in being more efficient in collecting funds. Kadogo  seeks to empower individuals by providing them funds for charitable donations using everyday transactions.

Kadogo’s Why!

At Kadogo, we believe that every nonprofit should have their own diverse economy. We envision a world where charitable organizations no longer have to rely heavily on community grants and corporate sponsorships. We assist nonprofits of all types in executing their mission and vision within their local communities.

Kadogo offers individuals and employees tax-deductible giving accounts for the easiest, most convenient way to donate. Raise funds for your favorite charities through cashback rewards, spare change, and matching contributions.

Give some. Gain more.

Our Amazing Founders

Alejandro Salazar

Alejandro Salazar

CTO + Cybersecurity

Alejandro is a passionate driven software engineer who is also passionate about cybersecurity and social impact. He brings a strong interpersonal set of skills to the team. 

Quest Moffat

Quest Moffat

CEO, Digital Mercenary

Quest has a combined 18 years of software development within the FinTech and Nonprofit Industry and has a love to innovate nonprofits fundraising efforts.