Earn Rewards While Supporting Your Favorite Charities

Kadogo allows users to shop at local businesses to earn rewards that are donated to a charity of their choice.

Simplify Your Donating Process While Earning Rewards

Individuals and employees set up their Kadogo giving account to make tax-deductible donations whenever they want. Kadogo makes it simple for everyone to donate their sparechange, cashback rewards, stocks, assets, and more.


Donating to your favorite charities is now easier than ever.


Receive Cashback rewards by visiting your favorite businesses. These rewards can be donated to any charity of your choice.


Choose from any of our 3 donation types to automate your giving and make supporting your cause effortless.

Choose Your Favorite Charities

Discover new charitable organizations on our platform that align with the causes you are most passionate about.

Receive Cashback Rewards From Everyday Transactions

Browse the app to find local businesses that offer cashback rewards that you can donate to a charity of your choice.

Round Up Your Spare Change To Make Donating Simple

Kadogo allows you to round up every transaction until you reach your custom monthly cap. All of your spare change goes directly to charities of your choice.

Give some. Gain more.

How We Help You

Earn Cashback Rewards and Support Your Favorite Nonprofits

With Kadogo, you have your own personal giving account. Make tax-deductible contributions of spare change, cashback rewards, or assets and support charities of your choice over time with one receipt.

Donor-Advised Funds Made Simple

Invest your donated dollars, savings, and or assets while you wait for the right opportunity to support your favorite charity from one account, one tax receipt, and no fees.

Kadogo Cashback Rewards

Earn cashback rewards from your favorite local and national businesses that want to support your favorite charity.

Kadogo SpareChange

Donate your spare change every time you swipe your debit/credit card and or make a bank transaction.

Collect Cash, Stocks, or Assets With Kadogo

Kadogo gives your supporters an easy way to donate the cashback rewards and sparechange from their everyday transactions along with assets to your organization.

Unlock Asset Giving

Donors can donate their cashback rewards, sparechange, crypto, stocks, and or assets to your organization.

Receive Donor Data

Receive donor insights, anonymized and aggregated data to create brand specific donor campaigns for matching funds.

Automatic Deposits

We will send automatic deposits of gifts from donors sent to the IRS mailing address for your organization.

Acquire New Customers Through Targeted Transactions

Kadogo Cashback Rewards deliver cashback offers that are designed to drive traffic through socially conscious consumers using card-linked technology.

Acquire New Customers

Create highly discoverable offers through our easy to use platform.

Increase Average Purchase

Socially conscious consumers are willing to spend 70 percent more per transaction to support their favorite nonprofit .

Create Brand Loyalty

Reach new customers while retaining existing customers through unique card-link rewards while also building your brand reinforcement

Kadogo Helps Workplaces Launch Employee-Driven Social Impact Plans

Kadogo’s platform helps enhance your organization’s charitable efforts by harnessing the power of automated, rules-based giving to ease employee participation. By streamlining contributions while simplifying reporting and reducing administration in one simple platform. Kadogo accelerate your organization ESG efforts.

Kadogo Matching

Setup your employee matching program in minutes. Encourage employees to be good stewards of their community by giving back with a rules based budget.

Direct Gifts

Make direct gifts to any eligible charity with our grant making tools without the corporate overhead.


Remove the complex financial and compliance decisions for internal teams by using our managed platform.

Measure Impact

Increase engagement and retention by aligning mission and values of your employees.

Manage All Your Donations On One Simple Platform

Kadogo’s all-in-one software takes care of all the heavy lifting for you. Sit back, relax, and change the world.

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